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Full Name: Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom
Vital: 40-26-38
Eyes: Brown
Hometown: Tampa , FL
Resides: San Antonio Texas
Signature Move: was to put a finger to her lips at the end of each routine in keeping with the name "Whisper"
Associates: WCW Nitro Girls
Debut: October 1997
Career Higlights: October 1997 rebecca debuted in WCW as one of the member of WCW Nitro Girls

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Tattoos: A rose tattoo on her shoulder
Favorite Olympic Sport: Long-jump
Favorite Actress: Demi Moore
Favorite Actor: Kirk Douglas
Favorite Movie Character: Adam Sandler in The Waterboy
Magazine she'd like to be on the cover of: All Natural Muscular Development
Favorite Brand of Clothes: Bebe

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